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Symposium "To Revolutionary Type Love - appropriation and other practices"


Appropriation is making use of the world in changing the world. It can be a Revolutionary Type Love. Appropriation can be corporate power turning culture into capital, or it can be queer art turning heteronormative structure inside out. It is the potential and inevitable condition of any expression - but under conditions of huge inequalities.

Today, culture appropriation is part of an ongoing colonialist disposession, hegemonic grabbings of discourses as well as of material cutlure, extraction of raw material, land grabbing, ecological and economical exploitation. In the wake of the entangled and violent history of Europe and Africa, the symposium looks at other practices and possibilities.

Of course, in a networked digital media world, quetions of copyright and the commons intensified with sampling music, questioning the status of ownership and creativity. Pop music commodified Black beats, and cultural minorities hijack the entertainment industry. But this does not happen within a symmetrical power relation, as the distribution of wealth and technologies are extremely uneven.

The symposium will discuss artistic and theoretical strategies to resists the grab. We refer to TRTL's queer photographic expressions and the usages of the traditional kanga cloth through queer histories and communities, we reflect on different time frames in afrofurturism and post-black art, we talk about possibilities of diasporic un/belongings, resistance, anger and love.